Is that possible?

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Is that possible?

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Hi, Let say I'm going to create an online game that people create new things like buildings there so how can I save and load/share those buildings with all other players?

For example I'm the player of first system and I create a building inside my game so how can I save that building and load to second system :o

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Re: Is that possible?

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Hi there,

If this is a game where multiple players are building things at the same time, you should use Unity Networking functionality to share that data.

Then the server (or a player you designate as server/host) should save and load the state of the buildings. Otherwise, if you have multiple players trying to store to the same file, it is likely that they will overwrite each others work.

With regards to saving the buildings, this is covered in the guides here:

In particular, the Saving and Loading GameObjects and Prefabs guide will be useful to you, though I recommend reading the Getting Started guide also: ... s-prefabs/

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