Supported platforms?

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Supported platforms?

Post by gregtom6 »

Dear EasySave3 Developers!

We can't find information about the supported platforms about EasySave3. That topic is only available for EasySave2.

Do you support Xbox One? If it isn't supported, then will the solution posted for EasySave2 also work for 3? ... platforms/

And we are also curious about the support of Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Are they supported? If not, will that solution work also for them?


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Re: Supported platforms?

Post by Joel »

Hi there,

The supported platforms are listed on the Asset Store page, though we may think about adding these to the docs if people aren't looking for them there.

We cannot legally support Xbox, PS4 and Switch because they require a prohibitively expensive middleware license, and cannot provide a warranty for those platforms.

However, the Integrating with other Storage APIs guide contains information on how you might integrate Easy Save 3 with their storage APIs yourself.

All the best,
Joel @ Moodkie Interactive
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