Autosave SavePath question

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Autosave SavePath question

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I've been setting up a save file system, when using normal ES3.Save/Load I used ES3Settings.defaultSettings.path to set a path to a SaveFile and it is persistent between scenes. However when I use ES3AutoSaveMgr.Current.settings.path to set a path to a save file, it seems to only change the current autosave manager on that particular scene.

Is it possible to change the default path at runtime via code to a particular savefile for all AutoSaveManagers? Otherwise the only way I can think to do this is to make a separate script that runs on Awake() to set the filepath to a particular savefolder, and then have AutoSave instantiate on Start() rather than Awake()?

I am not aware of whether AutoSaveManager can be made persistent across scenes or if each one on each scene must be separate.

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Re: Autosave SavePath question

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Hi there,

An Auto Save manager is specific to a scene, so you would need to change the path on Awake() in each scene you enter containing an Auto Save Manager.

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