Support for serialising Animators

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Support for serialising Animators

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Support for serialising Animators

Post by Joel »






Ability to save Unity Animator components.

This is not automatically serialisable, so further exploration would be needed to understand whether it can be serialised using its Get/Set methods. As such, this is not trivial to implement.
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Re: Support for serialising Animators

Post by AdamStepinski »

+1, when loaded, Animator loses "Controller" field

My solution: have singleton with RuntimeAnimatorController field

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public class EasySaveReferenceHelper : MonoBehaviour
	public static EasySaveReferenceHelper Instance;
	public RuntimeAnimatorController CharRuntimeAnimController;

	private void Awake()
		Instance = this;
Create script on your animator and in Start():

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private void Start()
	Animator charAnimator = GetComponent<Animator>();
	charAnimator.runtimeAnimatorController = EasySaveReferenceHelper.Instance.CharRuntimeAnimController;

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Re: Support for serialising Animators

Post by syu15 »

I am also hoping for this feature as I am loading the animator controller from an accessibles directory when I instantiate my prefab. If I can't save my runtime animator controller, I will have to reload it again from the accessibles directory when the saved prefab is loaded which is not ideal.

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