Save and load from PHP

Easy Save 2 has been replaced by Easy Save 3, so is no longer supported.
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Save and load from PHP

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i have a bool score in the scene. I need to put that bool score, that i made it in Playmaker, and the name of the player and upload then on a web PHP, in a touch of a buttom.
Them in a touch of another buttom load the score that are in the web PHP, and display it inside unity mobile game. through playmaker.

I have the Easy Save 2

Please how i can do that?

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Re: Save and load from PHP

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Hi there,

I'm find it a bit difficult to understand what you're saying, but I'll try my best to respond.

Firstly, you need to set up the PHP and MySQL using the instructions in the Setup section of the Saving and Loading from Web guide.

Then in Unity, you can use the Upload Bool action to upload the bool to the server, and you can use the player's name as the tag. The tutorial here should help you work out what goes in which field.

Then when you want to load the bool, simply use the Download Bool action to download it, making sure that you use the player's name as the tag.

With regards to setting up the buttons and displaying the data in a label, you would need to ask for more info on the Playmaker forums as that is more of a Playmaker question rather than an Easy Save question.

All the best,