Saving material Instances

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Saving material Instances

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I'm working a game where you can spawn different objects like table, chair etc.

Each object has multiple materials, and user can change the color, tiling of texture and even change whole material from a given material list.

So my all objects have instanced material as i'm changing them at runtime. So what would be the best approach to save these materials? As i can change color,tiling and even a new material (like if i want to make table wooden or metal).

Kinda stuck here for a while, would be great if you can help.
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Re: Saving material Instances

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Hi there,

For saving the instantiated prefabs themselves you would follow this guide: ... s-prefabs/

With regards to saving the Materials, this section explains what you will need to do: ... nd-warning

All the best,
Joel @ Moodkie Interactive
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