How to reduce save and load times

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How to reduce save and load times

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Hello there,

I am currently building an editor-game where users will be able to build up an object from scratch. Because I want to save and load that creation I was trying to just save the most parental gameobject where everything that is created by the user is being stored in and reload that when the user wants to continue.

My problem is that this "creation" will probably include thousands of different objects with different components, values and so on. I know that theoretically I can store everything by adding as many CustomTypes as I need, but my problem is that saving and loading this takes like forever. I tried saving 1000 children with 3 or 4 components attached and it took me like 10 minutes to save and more than 10 minutes to load. And my pc is top notch, so most of my users will wait even longer.
Is there any way to significantly increase save and load times?

I know that I could also iterate through all those children and write a complex method to save different objects in different files and then load the whole construct piece by piece and glue it back together. But since the creation will be extremely complex the "save and load" everything approach would be a lot more convenient.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Re: How to reduce save and load times

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Hi there,

We have a guide to improving performance here: ... rformance/

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