Easy Save for Unity

The Complete Save Data & Serializer System for Unity

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  • It’s really easy to use
  • It’s cross-compatible with many platforms
    • PC, Mac, WebGL, Linux, iOS, Android, UWP, Oculus, Steam, tvOS
  • Fully-documented API
    • For those requiring more flexibility, see the API


Save with or without code

Save using C#, or without code using Auto Save, Playmaker, Unity Visual Scripting. There’s even third-party NodeCanvas and FlowCanvas integration (see their documentation for more info).

Serialize much more than other solutions
Cross-platform cloud storage

Upload files to your own server using our PHP & MySQL integration.

Regularly updated with new features

Save multiple pieces of data to a single file using keys, and access the data in any order.


PC, Mac, Linux, Windows Universal, iOS, tvOS, Android, Oculus, Steam, WebGL, C#, Unity Visual Scripting, PlayMaker, Bolt. Integrate with other storage APIs such as consoles or cloud services.

5-star customer support
Encryption & compression

Use 128-bit AES encryption to secure your saved data against tampering, and Gzip compression to reduce file sizes.

Load Audio and Image Formats

Where can I get it?

Buy it on the Unity Asset Store

How do I use it?

data = ES3.Load<Type>("key");

Or use our Playmaker Actions

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