Easy Save

The Complete Save & Load Solution for the Unity Engine

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  • It’s really easy to use
  • It’s cross-compatible with many platforms
    • PC, Mac, Web, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Store, WebGL
  • Fully-documented API
    • For those requiring more flexibility, see the API
  • It’s super-fast and lightweight
    • And with caching, it’s even faster
  • Useful Features
    • Including Encryption, Save/Load from Web and Random Access
  • Serialize almost any type of Unity data


Saving and Loading

Save and Load data to File or PlayerPrefs using a single line of code, or a single Playmaker action. It’s that simple.

Playmaker Actions

Easy Save includes a multitude of Playmaker actions. View our Playmaker Actions for more information.

Save and Load from Web

Upload your saved data to a server using our MySQL and PHP files, and download it, even from a different device. It’s even possible to integrate it with a login system of your choice.

Random Access using Tags

Save multiple pieces of data to a single file using keys, and access the data in any order.


Almost all code and save data is compatible across PC, Mac, Web Player, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows Store and WebGL.

File I/O

Create, delete, rename, move check the existence of files and folders and more using our File I/O methods.


Use 128-bit AES encryption to secure your saved data against tampering

Load Audio and Image Formats

Where can I get it?

Buy it on the Unity Asset Store

How do I use it?

data = ES3.Load<Type>("key");

Or use our Playmaker Actions

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