Bespoke databases by Moodkie

What is MoodkieDB?

MoodkieDB is our own platform for developing reliable and fully-customisable cloud-based databases for all types of business.

We can build it for any purpose, including:

  • Resource planning
  • Stock & sales management
  • Customer services
  • Data analysis


How can it benefit my business?

For Retail and eCommerce

Keep track of stock, sales, shipping and customer support tickets in a way which is specific to the type of products you sell. We can even make it communicate with fulfilment companies.

For Business

Our databases can be designed for planning and resource control, and can act as a unified place to access your businesses data, including client information.


Because our database is cloud-based, it’s accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, and can be designed to be mobile-friendly.

Expands with your business

MoodkieDB can be updated and extended to expand with the growth of your business, adding new features where needed.

Interested in a bespoke Moodkie database?

Contact us to discuss your requirements